reading to kids

We all have a tablet, I-phone, I-pad, something we carry or use to get things done and often use to entertain our kids, or
This book is not so much a children's book, but a stalker manual. It begins innocently enough with a mother rocks her baby
(Reuters Health) - Reading to small children may help prepare their brains for reading-readiness, a new study suggests. This
We were about a third of the way through The Hobbit when my 9-year-old asked skeptically, "Mommy, where are the girl characters?"
After weeks, months and years of parent sleep-deprivation accumulate, an educational experience that merely requires snuggling up on the couch or in bed, reading words from a page with a kid or two tucked in each armpit, feels like a revelation.
Morning Breakfast: It can be a real challenge to concentrate on your work when your stomach is grunting. In fact, research
In addition to simply reading aloud together, there are a myriad of activities that you can do with your child to help encourage good reading habits and develop a lifelong love of reading.
Reading brings many benefits for kids: it helps them expand, organize and get to know their environment and the world around them.
The goal is to have books and stories that kids of every age love to read and want to have near their bodies, so they can pick up the book and say or gesture 'read?!' and a parent or caregiver will comply with joy.
She thrilled us when she sent me some panels from a comic strip she'd drawn -- and got me to thinking all over again about what I would've missed had she never been around.
"The Reading Mother" is an old poem, and I'm not sure when I first heard it. But my favorite line comes to mind whenever I see a mom reading to her child: "Richer than I you will never be -- I had a mother who read to me."
"Even in higher-income families, many children do not experience the enhanced engagement and language-rich parent-child interactions
Data collected by the Pew Research Center indicates that 55 percent of moms and 45 percent of dads read to their children
Reading daily to our children is important for both the pleasure it brings in its own right and for the future benefits it promises for academic, professional, and even economic success. Here are few ideas for making reading an interactive journey.