real barbie

There's a new Ken in town. Santebanes told The Mirror that he has spent more than $50,000 to perfect his look, undergoing
When I look at current fashion dolls, I'm reminded of my experience in high school and that of my cousin. I'm reminded that there are some things that are just a mirage and not worth emulating. Moreover, I'm reminded that there is beauty in embracing all the aspects of who you are, and in staying true to you.
We've seen what Barbie would look like if she were modeled after the average 19-year-old woman. (Spoiler alert: a Barbie doll's body proportions are completely unrealistic.) But what would she look like with no makeup on?
This image posted on Reddit gives us a pretty good idea. This isn't the first time someone has drawn up a more "natural" Barbie
Not like her usual self, it turns out. An image on Imgur attributed to Eddi Aguirre shows Barbie in a distinctly unpolished