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Unilever-owned beauty brand Dove is apologizing after a racially-insensitive ad went viral.
This project explores the idea of beauty and the role of photography and new media in the interpretation of what we understand as beauty.
Don't accept the lies about women that leave you feeling unattractive. Instead, begin taking these small steps that will build your confidence and change the way you and others see you.
"Be a person that you want to be," one woman says. "I think that will make you happy, and pretty won't matter any more." The
In the morning, every morning, when my husband Michael first awakes, he rolls over and drapes his long, lean arm across my body. "You are the prettiest wife in the world," he sings, and the hairs along my neck and in my cochlea are all tall and listening.
We are much more ready to have average men posing for underwear ads than we are to have average men figure skate, style our hair, or even do ballet. But I don't want the average man to pose for underwear the same way I would not want him to do ballet.
I loved getting into my mom's and sisters' makeup drawers. I loved playing with Barbie. I even wanted to be a fashion designer
Oh, joy! Y'all have no idea how excited I am to be writing this post, especially given the pivotal role rapper and budding actress Nicki Minaj's image played in the inception of this blog.
I asked Emma why she started smiling with her lips together. "Because I hate my teeth," she said. "I stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling with my mouth closed." She's 7.
The young and super talented Hungarian singer, Boggie, does not only reveal her new track but also her secret digital make-up in her latest video. It carries a somewhat deep message about how women are nowadays perceived by the public.