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Sure, vacations are centered around relaxation, but the best trips of 2014 are all about exotic and exciting adventures. They're
ChocoChicken, which serves chocolate-flavored fried chicken, will open in March, to either the delight or dismay of chocolate- and fried chicken-lovers everywhere.
Living in a city that promotes exercise can have a great effect on your commitment to fitness. Last week, Facebook released
What happens to Olympic facilities after the games are over? Well, some are turned into tourist-attracting parks, training
Raines reached out to several scientists to learn more about the forest. One of those scientists was Grant Harley, a dendrochronologist
The revamped Taste of Chicago is set to kick off its 33rd year complete with fun., food trucks and a few new tricks city
Mount Fuji officially opened for its two-month-long climbing season Monday, with hiking enthusiasts flocking to the mountain
From the more under-the-radar beach spots to the mainstays of Rome and Venice, Italy has long been a draw for American visitors
It's pretty simple to apply for a Trekker, you just have to explain the project you have in mind, give your contact information