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Fans of Bravo franchise "The Real Housewives" know Brandi from her stint on the Beverly Hills series. Brandi dished a little
6. Are you interested in what the company is known for? If you love reality TV, working for Evolution Media, producers of
A sampling of Facebook comments in reaction to the InTouch rumor: "Lyme disease is off the table for her storyline. The viewers
49. Jo De La Rosa (RHOC): The first Housewife to leave the show to start a pop career, which didn't work out very well for
(photos courtesy of Bravo/NBC Universal) Like today, I said that I would allow a cheat day if I'm going to be sitting in
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Erika Jayne is the new pretty face (to many) on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she is no stranger to those of us in the gay club scene. In fact, Erika has been performing for years and at many of the most popular gay clubs and parties across the United States.
The second doctor I interviewed with got the removal job because he did not insist on dual reconstructive surgery - the first
I wouldn't care as much if Foster hadn't served such an important role in my life. Years ago, as I suffered in bed in inexplicably
Who knew hair could have such power?
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"She is very sick and really struggling everyday to just hang on."