Real Life

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life: Essays by Samantha Irby “Personal embarrassment provides plenty of material for in-print
There it is. The ugly truth in black and white. That elephant in the room I am trying to let go and forgive him for daily. He cheated.
Anniversary posts, birthday posts, and congratulatory posts are a must. Didn't post? You're a horrible friend/sister/brother
It is okay to admit that anxiety is a real, terrifying medical condition.
He doesn't have any physical handicaps. He has all 10 fingers and 10 toes. But what does this picture not show?
1. Subscribe to reputable news/information sources so that the current events you get are not muddled by the opinions of
The world is yours. May your journey be all that you want and more. As the final notes of "Pomp and Circumstance" fade into
Looking back now, I can pinpoint the exact moment I knew I was strong enough to be Ethan's mammy. Minutes later, Ethans heavy