real wages

Wages are rising, finally, and prices are not--a rare confluence in recent decades. American workers need this to continue as long as possible. So do their bosses, in fact, because workers are the consumers that drive economic growth and thus corporate profits.
"Some workers’ wages are so low that employers are not able to push them down any further."
“Whatever disease has been making men's real wages stagnant has spread to women," IWPR co-founder Heidi Hartmann told The
Unfortunately, Payscale predicts that wage growth will continue to slow. The firm said that U.S. wages would only increase
As the Carnival in Brazil kicked off last weekend, Brazilians were ready for a party. They have reasons to celebrate. Despite a lackluster GDP performance in the last two years, unemployment rates remain at record low levels.
Lately, the public mood has gone the opposite way. Simply put, we are told that we will all do better when most of us do worse.
Over the last three months of last year, income growth stagnated and people across the country dug deeper into their savings
The latest poverty and income figures came out this week, and boy are they disturbing. It’s not so much the headline figures
We are moving closer to the jobs market as it will inform perceptions of the economy in the primaries and eventual general election cycle 2012. Monthly jobs numbers are now economically and politically influential. And they don't look good.