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If you're underwhelmed with "Floor Is Lava," check out these Netflix Originals instead.
How to actually keep up with the Kardashians.
To the liberals among us, we too have become addicted it seems, to the reality show that is Trump. We can talk to each other to humiliate him in our heads, or can we talk to each other so we can talk out loud about interrupting humiliation as a game.
The central question of the November election will be, which group of Americans will tip the balance--those who reject the
The weekly show was cancelled in 2012 as a result of the negative international attention a BBC documentary brought to the
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KM: How do you feel about female emcees in hip-hop right now? Remy Ma: Absolutely, I have changed a lot but that has not
Paul and Gilbert Delanges along with pup Bruno © Ian Spanier Photography 2015, All rights reserved The moment Paul and Gilbert
Whether or not you endorse the statements and behaviors of Ms. Jenner, it must be noted that her celebrity has focused attention on a matter too long ignored.
As a wedding planner, I tend to gravitate toward reality shows that focus on wedding planning and social events in general. I'm addicted to bridal gown shows, and love when reality stars have "events" on episodes of their show. What I don't love seeing is the planner getting destroyed for the sake of ratings.