Finish off the year with a laugh.
The struggle and pain of infertility resulted in one perfect possibility: you.
The former "SNL" Weekend Update anchors brought back a classic. The interplay's the thing.
Even the sexist haters can't deny she makes a really good point. Really. We wear headbands, we love to travel and, much like
When @The_Beheld tweeted a picture of an Always Infinity box featuring the quote "I love how my girlfriends know me so well
Really. Ever since the popular "Really!?!" segment debuted on "Saturday Night Live," it has been a big hit. Whether it's
It has been suggested that Christmas was, in fact, a strategic act of tolerance, allowing harmless traditions to take on religious meaning and enable the conversion of Northern Europe to Christianity.
I hereby pledge to not shoot botulism toxin into my forehead two inches from where my brain is housed. I will solemnly pledge to not have chunks of plastic inserted under the skin of my cheekbones and my chin.
The other day, I had the privilege of receiving a phone call to invite me to a "Tele-Town Hall" for the Ohio Senatorial candidate, Mr. Rob Portman. I was torn between hanging up the phone and listening.
Meyers and Poehler did their first "Really?!? With Seth & Amy" of the season last night during the premiere of Weekend Update