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Some husbands reading this will say "why should I do this?" That's the wrong question the real question is why shouldn't you? I assure you that if you strive to be a great husband then your wife will love you back 10 times more than you expect.
The unfortunate reality is that relationships might start strong, but many times people lose their passion, their connection, and their way. The realization that love isn't like The Notebook all the time, every day can be startling or sad for many people... which often causes them to drop back even further from their partner.
The cynics and gloom merchants among them seem to have only one goal - to consciously or unconsciously kill your positive attitude... and your happiness with it.
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Millions of women get battered every year, Thousands left to die crying their final tear. These men draw on our weaknesses and try to destroy our strengths, Leaving us hopeless and broken with absolutely no defense.
A bottle of wine and several pizzas found us telling stories and laughing. Even the most skeptical of the bunch, my own tween, was very much enjoying his almost brothers/former roommates.
Reeve, 20, says she is engaged to David, 30, whom she describes as the man of her dreams ... even though she has said he
Because they are natural connectors, it's important that introverts feel a part of something greater than themselves. They love creating community and connecting people together with aligned opportunities so everyone benefits. They create a natural win-win, collaborative opportunities for everyone involved.
How important is sex in a marriage? So important, according to Dr. Phil, that it should actually be a topic that's on the