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Not surprisingly, the study finds that Louisiana's sentencing laws are quite a bit worse than those at the federal level
“The current system has allowed politicians to promise one level of benefits without fully funding them,” the Arnold Foundation’s
American drivers recognize that our highways are in immediate need of major overhaul or reconstruction. But there's a bigger structural problem beneath our crumbling roadways: our method of funding highway infrastructure is broken.
What he's found challenges the common narrative that U.S. infrastructure is in dire straits. Forget what you think you know
The funding crunch facing America's transportation infrastructure has made it crucial for our cities, counties, states and regions to find innovative ways of funding our mobility.
Anytime you undertake a major public campaign, you're quickly reminded that listening is even more important than speaking.
Denver is recovering some housing value, and property tax revenue will rise along with the housing market. But the mayor's new money grab could jeopardize an already shaky local economy.
With debt ceiling negotiations at a near standstill, and the August 2 deadline drawing ever closer, what was once thought
"It's like a free loan in tax credits," Baxandall says. "That's what's really galling about these hidden subsidies. The whole
The billionaire brothers who brought you Tea Party groups like Americans for Prosperity and anti-worker governors like Scott Walker and John Kasich are now attacking some of the most vulnerable Americans.