Reba Riley

We all need people to carry us on their shoulders when we can no longer go on. These Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity brothers show us how it should be done.
What do you do when the faith you grew up in just doesn't make sense anymore?  This is the dilemma Reba Riley, a 33-year
I'm not sure, but I think my daughter, Zoe, is Jesus. For a couple of reasons. But before I talk more about her, let's talk about me. You know, since I'm not Jesus and I like talking about myself.
Yes, I know Jesus wasn't a juicing freak. He didn't have a dietician. And he sure as hell didn't eat kelp, quinoa, or some other hippie stuff I can't even pronounce. At least not that I know of. So what's the point?
Four out of five Americans claim to be Christians. That's more than a quarter billion people in the United states alone who claim, in one way or another, to follow Jesus. But what does that really mean?