rebecca sedwick

The mother of a Florida girl who committed suicide after complaining about being bullied plans to sue those she feels caused her daughter's death.
Norman also said Monday that she wants to help pass tougher anti-bullying laws in Florida but did not give specifics on what
It's clear that it's now much easier to bully with advent of social media, but what's not so clear is how to solve the issue
American popular culture encourages teenage girls to think that if they can make themselves attractive to young men, their high school years will be a blast. In fact, being considered attractive can become more akin to a gothic novel than a teenage romance.
Those who diminish others to raise their own status can no longer escape criticism because now there's a punitive label attached to it. In the current marketplace, being branded a bully is now taken more seriously in the boardroom, in the bedroom, on the football field in the school classroom.
One option is setting up focus groups of students who can come up with recommendations for what administrators, teachers
As I thought of Rebecca's nightmare, I couldn't help but think about the nightmare surrounding Guadalupe Shaw and Katelyn
Accompanied by her legal team, including former Florida Governor Charlie Christ, a partner with the firm Morgan & Morgan
I remember my mom saying that I treated my friends better than my family. Immediately, I knew it was true. My family was stuck with me, warts and all, or so I thought back then.
You are not bad people. You do not have cold and heartless souls that are incapable of feeling empathy. You do not need to be sent away and never allowed to set foot in a school again. No, not based on my experiences.