rebecca traister

The actress and Me Too activist shared her thoughts on the accusations of inappropriate touching against the former vice president.
We have been here before, and we will likely be here again. The real test is whether our collective anger can sustain.
Their righteous rage will pave the way for the women who come after them.
"Maybe that makes me a sociopath," the columnist told his colleagues.
He also physically assaulted her then-boyfriend and fellow journalist Andrew Goldman.
Rebecca Traister chats with Bill Maher about the rise of the single woman in all areas of public life.
Thoughtful fiction and great reporting feature prominently among this year’s greatest new books by women.
No need to put a ring on it, thank you very much.
Single women have the potential to unleash a social and political revolution 'as profound as the invention of birth control, as the sexual revolution, as the abolition of slavery, as women's suffrage...'
When Tracy McMillan published her blog post "Why You're Not Married" on The Huffington Post in February 2011, she received
It's time to change our culture so that we would never dream of asking, "What was the victim wearing?" It is time that we hold rapists and assaulters accountable because the question is never what was she wearing but why is he raping?
I can hear those knees jerking already! When you say men and women are different, surely that must mean that one or the other
"You know, it used to be that in order to get elected to almost anything, your husband had to die. And then you got his seat
Without a concerted effort, the status quo will not change. The coverage of women's issues should not be a one-month a year affair.
Rebecca Traister, author of Big Girls Don't Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women, says that while
Relatedly, while I'm sure that BGDC will be devoured by women who regularly think about these issues, its accessibility makes