Rebel Heart

We refreshed our list to reflect the "Rebel Heart" era.
The very fact that we're having this conversation proves that Madonna isn't 'over' until she decides to hang it up. Disagree
The Queen of Pop's Aussie fans get into the groove, and prove their love.
It's not always easy being a Madonna fan. Her occasional slip-ups notwithstanding -- even I cringe at the opening lines to Rebel Heart's "S.E.X." -- the real challenge is listening to and reading the criticism that's been riding the Queen of Pop's coattails for 30 years.
I feel almost obligated to be a Madonna fan, since I write novels about the intersection of sex and spirituality. Madonna is probably the world's leading living artist who deals with this sizzling and controversial combo.
Patrick Leonard: "I’m proud of her for giving them hell all the time."
Too many people forget that Madonna, the most successful solo artist in history, has paved the way for so many artists, both male and female. With her outspoken opinions, her sometimes shocking but always thought provoking performances and her pure determination, she's broken down barriers on women, pop stars, homosexuals, race, religion, business and everything in between.