rebel heart tour

Charlemagne Da God recently went on a 6 minute tirade against Madonna throwing every name at her from the agiest and sexist
The Queen of Pop's Aussie fans get into the groove, and prove their love.
"He showed me that it was OK to be different, and he's the first rebel heart that I laid eyes on."
It's not always easy being a Madonna fan. Her occasional slip-ups notwithstanding -- even I cringe at the opening lines to Rebel Heart's "S.E.X." -- the real challenge is listening to and reading the criticism that's been riding the Queen of Pop's coattails for 30 years.
Have you ever been so excited that the top of the "excitement" meter blows off and you're super calm? And then you start to worry because something ALWAYS goes wrong...? That's exactly how I felt when I found out I was actually going to MAKE IT to see Madonna in concert 25 years after I saw her live at her Blond Ambition tour.
The CNN anchor was predictably awkward -- but Madge loved it, and so did we.
With this thirteenth record, Madonna is telling us she has not, does not, and will not ever stop her campaign against breaking the rules of gender, sex, and the limits placed on her own humanity.