As the dark shadow of a Trump Presidential era edges closer, here is a song to inspire some rebellion. Gary Stockdale and
Let’s first start off by confessing that I have never told this story publicly, but due to the very virulent social climate
Writer/director Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) has brought his ten-year project to life and his efforts have culminated in a history lesson that is surprising and confounding on many levels. His thoughtful script, with its well-formed characters, memorable dialogue and evocative settings, doesn't paint a rosy Utopian picture of blacks and whites living together in perfect harmony
That said, Rebellion illuminates an historical period and an event about which most Americans know little, so on this side
If you've spent much time in the Old Testament, Samson is someone you might think of as larger than life, a "biblical Hercules" minus the myth--Israel's last and, arguably, most legendary judge.
The Ogadenis have a longstanding group grievance that is part and parcel of their indomitable desire for self-determination, which has never been addressed. The current uprising is a culmination of systematic injustice perpetrated against the Oromo.
My partner often questions why I watch the news if it makes me so mad. Because it is important for me to know what is going on around me. I do not want to be deaf and blind to ignorance or violence, even if the shrill blare and horrendous images are painful.
I am struck by the different lenses through which identical events unfold and the challenges involved in unification.
Compliance remains the central goal of most classroom management programs, character education initiatives and parenting resources. Sure, we stress the virtues of independent thinking and assertiveness, but mostly in the context of getting kids to resist peer pressure
Race plays a significant role in how violence is framed for the public. And though such framing may begin informally in conversation or in popular media, it persists in what our children are taught in school and affects the way we understand each other.