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We've got to work at it constantly. Keep the kids in line. Keep the pressure on for good grades. Make sure the homework and
U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk took to Twitter Friday to apologize after created a national media firestorm Thursday during a debate
MADELEINE DOUBEK: Hmmm, these state representative races have become so complicated, haven't they? So if you take those claims
Well, now there are organizations and citizens trying to do something to fix that. He said 34 other states have amended their
Murphy, who authored the report, wrote that it was clear Airbnb "needed a comprehensive, end-to-end review," noting there
In August 2014, as the race between former Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner hit full throttle, no issue was more hotly contested
Q: How have you seen the field of domestic violence services changing for the better? A: My first job was running a day care
Here are the five names we think would be a bit more befitting. The Chicago White Sox are having a bit of an identity crisis
The discontinuation of the Quality of Life scratch-off has been extended from the end of 2017 to the end of 2025. 4. Autism
That's what we should be doing: helping you vote well. An envelope arrived last week from Friends of Marty Moylan. The letter
"What's really changed is that the web and the constant flow of information has permitted us to do something that nobody
A day after Gov. Bruce Rauner called the Illinois Democratic Party a "corrupt political machine" during a rally at the Illinois
But this meme, the one that came after it and a social media account called "$#*% my Senator Says?" Well, maybe it's just
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That is why we're happy to let you know we're here to help you sort out the truth. True -- The statement is accurate and
There are six possible PolitiFact rulings. The definitions of each follow: Mostly True -- The statement is accurate but needs
Events this week in state politics inspired us to begin promotion of two Twitter hashtags: #doyourjob and #ilbudgetnow. We
MATT DIETRICH: Hi Madeleine. I'd love to answer your question but at the moment I'm being bombarded by emails from the governor's
As FY 2017 approaches, groups of rank-and-file lawmakers have tried to make progress on a budget that covers FY 2017 while