"Frasier and Roz start a podcast network, 'The Fraz,' but they run into financial trouble because Frasier is ethically opposed to doing Squarespace ads."
Co-star Nick Offerman also seemed on board... under one (incredible) condition.
What begins with an unrefined, heavy-handed tone eases into a show that again tackles American affairs with humor and candor.
Thompson tweeted "Women Are The O.G. Galaxy Defenders," on Wednesday — a hint about the film's other casting choices?
Like Snooki said, "As we age, we just get more delinquency."
And unlike the many other recent reboots, this one is filling a void.
You wake up one day. You look at your business, you look at your life and you wonder, "is that all there is?" You secretly wonder, "is it finally time for me to declare what I really want?" I would venture to say that a majority of people feel this way at one time or another. They secretly yearn for something more or better or different.
Another day, another reboot! Look, I love Jumanji as much as the next board game apocalypse aficionado, but come on. How about we throw a bone to some of those poor screenwriters toiling away at their original masterpieces. Chances are at least some of them are okay! But if Hollywood insists on going back to the same old wells, maybe they would consider helping me out with a few reboots I've been kicking around.
Lauren Duca How are you guys? I know, it got real weird this week with all that Rachel Dolezal stuff. Like, are we post-racial