What is Samsung? What value does it truly provide for its customers? How does it make their lives better? How is the experience
tronc. It sounds like it might be a futuristic drug. Or a bodily function.
The folks at AdWeek called it a "travesty." Hannah Jane Parkinson, a staffer at The Guardian, said it looked as if the old
Contrastingly, one Twitter user welcomed the change saying: 3. Notifications are no longer orange, they are red. "Our updated
A few years ago I hit a fork in my career road. Should I continue working in an organization where I felt undervalued and underappreciated - or leave and start over again? It was a gut-wrenching decision.
Having a strong brand identity is an important part of running your own company. However, there may be times when you decide to reposition that brand and the image that you are portraying to the public.
The problem with white privilege is that the concept is painfully easy to refute. I'm referring to white individuals who hear the word "privilege" thrown at them and interpret it as an individual attack rather than as a societal fact.
The first challenge was retiring the names of individual companies that we had acquired. We had merely let the names survive
How can a popular brand go from being at the top to almost forgotten? The most common reason is that the business is not adapting to the changes in the market, it is not adjusting its perception to be worthy of a leader.