recent college graduates

Congrats graduates of 2016! You made it through 4 years of grueling coursework, late night studying, early classes and internships. No longer, seniors, you are now recent graduates entering the real world. Yet, I've always wondered, how soon does 'recent graduate' become unemployed?
If you listen carefully, all across the country you can hear tassels flipping from right to left. It's graduation season, which means a slew of newly minted graduates are entering the job market.
Lee's sentiment about being yourself is something everyone should keep in mind. Straining yourself to be somebody you are not creates immense amounts of unneeded stress. This is especially true for college students pursuing their careers.
I soon learned that I'm often rewarded by the results. Instead of drowning, I'm thrown in and I figure it out, accomplishing something that I thought would send me into the depths of hysteria. Now, when I'm faced a scary new project, this is how I jump in.
Anyone in the workforce who wants to have a long and successful career needs to look good online. We can't all be David Geffen and be worth $6.9 billion, but we can start at the bottom and work our way up -- as long as we can get that first opportunity.
My advice to any new salesperson is to give Tinder a shot, experience firsthand how the practical sales process works in a social context, and most importantly don't be afraid to get creative. Vary your pitching style, take the prospect's temperature and prescribe your selling style accordingly.
The study, titled "First Look at the Employment Experiences and Lives of College Graduates, 4 Years On," surveyed 17,000
Congratulations! You've completed your college is the first day of the rest of your life. Now that you've graduated...are you prepared to enter the job market?
It Could Be Worse? While recent college grads may not be putting their degrees to use, they're still better off than their
Do a simple Google News search on "higher education" and chances are you'll get a lot of hits -- stories about how much debt students are accumulating, whether college graduates are faring any better in tough economic times than anyone else, whether a college education really translates into a better future.
Pro-tip to millennials: You might want to leave your parents at home when you show up for a job interview.
And they’re taking all the help they can get. About 13 percent of recent college graduates said they got a job through a
The decision of whether to attend college is even more difficult once you consider student loan debt. For students graduating
Check out these three charts from the report, illustrating the problem: The report comes just weeks before interest rates
Like the study mentions, the cost of living in the District is infamously punishing. In March, ZipRealty named D.C. the least
We are responsible for giving our kids their faith in America's open road. It's our job to authenticate the feasibility of their dream -- one that is even better than ours -- and we have not done so.
However, recent graduates are struggling to find full employment in the current economy, making it difficult to pay off the
Seventy-five million young people are unemployed. Yet only 43 percent of employers surveyed say they can find enough skilled workers for entry-level openings. These two numbers frame the story of the dual jobs and skills crises facing youth worldwide.
Economic Policy Institute's Andrew Sum found that among college graduates under the age of 25 who were working in 2011, 37.8
We spend four unforgettable years at college making lifelong friends, staying up late and acting spontaneously, so it's no surprise that recent grads enter the work world with the mentality that this is where fun comes to die.