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A CNN report suggests the attorney general was doing the bidding of an autocratic foreign leader at the direction of President Donald Trump.
Trump made the comment alongside the president of a nation known for its imprisonment of journalists.
The Turkish leader and his lobbyists have alienated U.S. foreign policy professionals and Congress. They're betting Trump is all that counts.
A group of both Democrats and Republicans said it was an "inappropriate time" for Trump to meet Wednesday with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
The agreement shows how Trump's abandonment of the Kurds is making the U.S. less relevant in a key region.
President Donald Trump wrote a strange letter to the Turkish president advising the foreign leader not to be a "tough guy" or a "fool."
President Trump exploded at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she said Republican House members had joined in voting to condemn his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.
Turkey’s continued push into Syria comes days after President Donald Trump cleared the way for Turkey’s air and ground offensive.
"Somebody really messed up," President Donald Trump said of the Washington Post columnist's death.
Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance quickly pitted Turkish and Saudi authorities against one another with their accounts of what happened to the journalist.
The anti-ISIS strategy designed by the Obama administration secured big wins under President Donald Trump. Now it's about to backfire.
Mehmet Altan and Sahin Alpay have been in prison for more than a year.
More than half are behind bars in Turkey, China and Egypt, says a new Committee to Protect Journalists report.
Ankara officials said such activities could jeopardize public safety.
The egregious violation of freedom of the press in Turkey has reached a mammoth proportion that places Turkey among the most
Moves by the United States and Turkey that largely ban travel of their nationals between the two countries is about more
Dear Mr. President, I have been in your country scores of times and developed close and friendly relations with many Turks
By threatening to end Turkey's EU bid, the German chancellor just signaled to members of her constituency that they're politically expendable.
Even in this contentious era, one proposition still enjoys near-universal support: the United States should make it the highest
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