reckless driving

The rock legend received citations for driving while under the influence, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area
"God forbid the mug shot comes out," the rapper said on TikTok.
Here's what you should know about reporting unsafe driving and the racial dynamics of traffic stops in the U.S.
Connecticut State Police said the suspect filmed himself speeding onto an exit where drove through a guardrail and rolled over his vehicle.
Apparently, a Zamboni wasn't available.
The Roswell, Georgia, officers were placed on leave after the shocking bodycam video surfaced.
She jumped in front of the boy just before the speeding car rammed both into a wall.
As someone who has now personally experienced a tragic, unnecessary death, I worry that the banner of libertarianism too often drowns out rational, middle-of-the road approaches to genuine harms. It is hard to imagine anyone who has lost a relative or dear friend in such a manner to see such innocent deaths as the price of doing business. Indeed, it is downright chilling to suggest this.