In the final days of Obama's presidency, creating a monument honoring a period of Black independence and prosperity would go a long way.
It has often been said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it; however, as with many clichés and
Prior to the war, slavery was embedded in the fundamental law of the country and its national political economy. The Constitution
Both before and during the aerial bombardment of Taleban strongholds, I conducted phone interviews in Dari with fixed line
This is true. I'm not the woman that my husband married 35 years ago. I have been sexually satisfied and terribly frustrated.
We need more Newt Knights today. We need coalitions to combat the pernicious and ominous signs that appear around us this year. We need to work together to fight the newer forms of obvious oppression.
"The Civil War was absolutely about slavery."
Gary Ross, director of the new Civl War film "Free State of Jones", debunks 4 popular myths of the Civil War era
Three quarters of a century ago, “Gone with the Wind,” a film that mythologized an Old South of wealthy planters and obedient