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How important is social media to your career? Well, guess what, people? I got to interview Sammy Adams! You have an independent
Apple Music could have a future that more closely resembles music services from large tech titans like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft's Xbox Music. All of these have respectable if not game-changing digital music services.
People tend to romanticize the music industry. Behind every successful band is, it seems, a story of a renegade A&R representative
It was during this conversation that I witnessed Spencer's eyes sparkle in a different way. For him, he knew that he had ability and some talent. He also knew he wasn't a prodigy. For Spencer, he came to understand that this mentor was talking about the layaway plan.
Most recipes have an order or priority when adding ingredients. They are sometimes laid out in a particular order because it makes the end meal taste better. In the case of music, the order isn't always as critical as the time needed to prepare and cook the meal.
The major labels have the money and the marketing machine to get their artists to the marketplace. The independent labels rely heavily on word of mouth via social media outlets.
I recently did a post on the Ezzie Films "For the Love of the Music: the Club 47 Folk Revival" and in researching for the story found the history behind Kingswood Records, the label responsible for the unique soundtrack of the film, was as interesting as the movie itself.
Labels come in all shapes and sizes. The big ones have unlimited talent to consider for their roster. Even music industry
"Champ had a compulsive personality, whether it was sex, drugs or money," a friend of Snavely's told Miller. "He wanted all
Many digital music experts, however, view the merger as a dire threat to the music industry's future. At present, Universal
Palmer posted the request on her website last month, expressing to fans that she's looking for "professional-ish" horn and
Artists like Alex Day are lending their support to online music availability options like YouTube-MP3. Rather than resist change, people like Alex are meeting it with open arms, hoping it will lead to new opportunities for them and their audience.
DigSin signs new artists to deals that leverage new platforms, social networks and analytics that expose music to a wider audience, building popularity outside of traditional methods.
Spotify first added apps back in November, unveiling a new desktop player with a mini-feed, a favorites list, and room in
At Wednesday's hearing, Google was the only corporation to speak against the legislation on a panel stacked with representatives
Red Bull Records has stayed under the radar, silent under the umbrella of the massive beverage company, putting the artists first, and doing something very old school -- artist development.
For slightly more than $2 a month, everybody will soon have access to all the music they can find, steal, share, rip, produce, morph or buy using iTunes Match. Is this amnesty for all the music pirates? I hope so.
The labels don't make for sympathetic protagonists, but are they really dragging their feet, or are they just holding out