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The film barreled past the $1 billion mark globally at a faster clip than any film in history.
We live in a digital world -- digital is everything, but not everything is digital. Her music is recorded digitally. CDs are digital as are the millions of downloads she sold -- but no one says that being digital means giving it away for free or close to free.
After surviving near-extinction last decade, vinyl made an exceptional global resurgence with purchases increasing more than
On Monday, Taylor Swift wrote an op-ed about the music industry that read like a delusional fairy tale in which music and
I figured that I'd never bond with my daughters over music. But something happened a few months ago that may have turned the tables -- literally.
There are a million reasons why vinyl went out of style and most of them have to do with convenience, not just in how we listen to music, but in everything we do. I'm as spoiled by modernity as the next guy. But maybe not everything should be so convenient.
While physical continued its decline, digital sales of music continued to rise in 2012. Thanks in large part to digital music
Though he hails from a later era -- not to mention East Germany -- Gerhard Richter's massive "Abstraktes Bild (712)" (1990
There's nothing quite like the crackle of vinyl as the speakers warm up. Mp3 files are ridiculously compressed -- you don't get that with vinyl. It's one of the purest ways to listen to music.
Is this the equation at the heart of Pukkelpop? In the first interview they gave after the collapse, the Smith Westerns described