Recording Industry Association of America

The country trap song is only one of 32 songs ever to be certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America, a spokesperson said.
The album is 38x certified platinum, passing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" by 5 million.
If you're willing to pay the hefty price of $75,000.
Napster changed the future of technology and created the "download generation." Alex Winter's new documentary "Downloaded" takes a look at Napster's humble beginnings in Shawn Parker's basement and how it went on to become a world changing force.
In the past three-plus decades, if a Program Director, in any major market, was 'caught' spinning a local artist in daytime
Regarding the role of the National Rifle Association in a nation that has witnessed far too many killings of far too many innocents, in a nation with far too many of the kind of weapons that are best left to Navy SEALs killing enemy terrorists, I write today to reach out.
To me, arts and music education and funding have so much profound value –- cultural, personal, economic, educational -- that
The Motion Picture Association of America has never written me a paycheck for anything. They're not backing my picture. These are not nice guys. They are not in this business to help filmmakers at all.