In some instances, GOP observers objected to every single ballot pulled to count, officials complained.
“It's the voters' voices that matter.” President Donald Trump has insisted on recounts in several key swing states. But could a recount flip in his favor?
The 2018 Senate race in Florida between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson is headed to a recount.
I should have simply waited a few more days. On January 17 I put forth "The Argument for Donald Trump's Illegitimacy" http
The saddest part is that I have met her in person...she is not only graceful and kind, she is affable and lovely, brilliant
But the Times says that "until now, intelligence findings have been scattered in fragmentary reports". On Friday, December
Stein challenged results in 3 states. The only successful electoral review came to a close Monday, with Trump still winning Wisconsin.
At a Detroit rally, she vowed to "keep up the fight" for a trustworthy voting system.
The decision is a victory for Jill Stein, who had requested their disqualification.