The 2018 Senate race in Florida between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson is headed to a recount.
How in the world can we be certain who these "illegal voters" voted for? If we are ever going to have any moral authority
Trump threw the playbook out the window. He could have said "unicorns are crapping donuts out of the sky and it is the fault
Trump claims 3 million people illegally voted in 2016. But he's relentlessly sabotaged recounts in three states that could
Stein challenged results in 3 states. The only successful electoral review came to a close Monday, with Trump still winning Wisconsin.
At a Detroit rally, she vowed to "keep up the fight" for a trustworthy voting system.
Since Donald Trump's big election win on November 9, liberals have desperately been searching for signs of hope regarding the current political climate.
The decision is a victory for Jill Stein, who had requested their disqualification.
For American democracy to work, there is one element that is non-negotiable: our vote.