Recovery School District

On the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) website, there is a curious link for “parent petition”: PARENT PETITION In
In 2003, the Louisiana legislature created the state-run Recovery School District (RSD), which pre-Katrina was comprised
Education reform led and controlled by people from New Orleans. On February 27, 2016, I transcribed Berkshire's interview
On the 2011 NAEP in both math and reading, eight-grade students in Louisiana's traditional public schools outscored their charter-school counterparts by between two and three standard deviations.
Has the post-Katrina K-12 system delivered on its promise of high-quality schools for all of New Orleans’ children, the vast
This intentional marketing of RSD as an "improving" product reveals the priority to promote an image rather than truth. It's all part of the sale, part of the effort to manipulate the actions of prospective RSD buyers.
The RSD Class of 2014 was in third grade when Katrina hit. The state has been in charge of their education since then, and this is what they have to show for their test-score-driven, charter-friendly, Teach-for-America-friendly, so-called "education." Nothing remotely touching "college ready." A sham.
RSD student test results can no longer be dismissed as the residue of pre-Katrina education disappointment. That RSD new car smell is gone, John White.
We have yet another example of the problems introduced by "charter churn": the changing of hands of equipment and the opening of fresh doors by which the security of student data might be breached.
To the districts nationwide that are watching the New Orleans Charter Circus with wide eyes, know that any reported New Orleans charter "miracle" patently contradicts its consistently unimpressive outcomes.