Recreational drug use

Legal marijuana markets, psychedelic therapies and drugs and the Me Too movement are just a few of the topics covered in this year's Global Drug Survey.
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It would be the first G-7 nation to legalize the drug for recreational purposes.
Her advice: "Eat the ice cream, have the French fry, don’t buy the street drug."
Vermont became the ninth state to legalize weed and the first to do it through legislation. But don't expect recreational cannabis sales any time soon.
Banks and credit unions are becoming more comfortable serving marijuana businesses. But the progress could be wiped out by President Trump’s Justice Department.
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If the cannabis was replaced with a bunch of jeans and t-shirts, this place could easily pass as a GAP store.
A total of eight states have now legalized recreational pot use.
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Thanks to an inadvertent legal loophole, Ireland has just temporarily legalized the possession of a number of drugs including
The potentially harmful consequences of alcohol and other drug use aren't going to change until and unless festival organizers start doing some very basic things. But many won't -- because the fear of being perceived as 'helping' people who use drugs at their events is so great.
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A strange thing kept happening. The more I dug into what some opponents refer to as "the green menace," the more I continued to find research studies I wasn't aware existed.
Post 50
What do you think? And will their arguments change your mind? This led to cries of distinguishing between "addiction" and
Nearly 44 percent of students told survey-takers they know a classmate who sells drugs. Marijuana was the easiest drug to
If your firm is not fully engaged with each of these powerful tools, it is a losing effort to both attract new clients and retain existing ones. These platforms work because users are so addicted to them and it's now time for financial services firms and others to get addicted to them too.
San Francisco
I set out curiously to find out what exactly happens inside the tents of the gay camps at Burning Man. I wondered if I had what it takes to go a week without showering. "What?" Brenden asked. "Trust me, the gays bring showers."
My life was focused on looking good, being at the right parties and doing whatever it took to make it to the top. You had to work to get into the inner circles. Drugs were a must.
Dear WOUNDED: I work closely with a guy who I think is high all the time. I'm not trying to tell him how to live his life