Season 4 gives Daniel a little breathing room by taking him out of Paulie and moving him to Nashville, where he lives in
Mike Ragogna: Rectify currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and you have garnered great reviews of your work on that show, tell us how you landed that gig and what is the most satisfying part of scoring it?
There are plenty of shows that have premiered since the late 1990s that might give that critic a run for his money. But the show that digs the deepest into America's troubled criminal justice system isn't particularly violent, sexual or otherwise. It's not even set in prison.
“Inside Amy Schumer”: This show deserves many awards for its “Foodroom” sketch alone. That spot-on Sorkin parody aside, this
"Jane the Virgin," CW: I could just call "Jane the Virgin" the year's fizziest confection -- and it is -- but that phrase
But even if I accept that the GR is part of this world, why would so many people pledge their lives to this particular set
Rectify is like the moody art-school sister of True Detective, the elegant, lyrical aunt of The Killing; the perfect combination of drama, suspense, doubt and dysfunction.
"Rectify" returns 9 p.m. ET Thursday on Sundance Channel. Eventually, those who thought that "Friday Night Lights" glorified
Apart from media coverage about wrongful convictions -- and the multi-million dollar settlements some have won -- little is known about how exonerated prisoners struggle to reenter society and rebuild the lives they lost.