red 2

Then there was the whole "Expendables 3" kerfuffle. According to THR, Willis wanted to earn $1 million per day for four days
I think that our time has come in Hollywood, and more and more movies will be made celebrating the refusal of Baby Boomers to slip politely into the crevices reserved for the old in our society.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Bruce Willis. He's one of our most beloved movie stars... and is apparently not that fond of movie
The Red franchise (for this is number two) is an adaptation of a D.C. Comics product. And yes, on the surface, it does the usual fast-paced, guns-fighting-martial-arts and multiple locations type show. Which is no bad thing.
Apropos of nothing, here's one of those chicken/egg quandaries: Which is more unnecessary: a sequel or a remake? They're often the same thing.
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Mary-Louise Parker fans may want to rush to the theater this weekend to check out "Red 2" and "R.I.P.D." because they may
You worked with Woody Allen on "Bullets Over Broadway"; what do you remember about that experience? I remember I loved John
Here's an example. If "2010: The Year We Make Contact" came out today, people would be more likely to see it because you're