red flags

Marriage therapists share signs you're dating someone who's worth getting serious with.
The guy described below is just not worth your time.
Don't even think of ignoring these big, bold red flags. 🚩 🚩
Apply these eight rules when weighing your options to ensure that your decisions always play out in your favor:
The good news? Falling in love again is possible.
The government missed a LOT of red flags.
Mr. Alcoholic- This guy is a drunk. He might tell you that he is a "social drinker" but you know the difference. He might
He drinks too much. Maybe if you're in your 20s this might be excusable. But after 30 it's rude, disrespectful, and problematic. If he's going for a buzz, he's not really going for you, is he? And how's that going to affect his performance later?
Has your relationship reached its expiration date?
Has your relationship reached its expiration date?