red lipstick

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How to Find Your Red "Red lipstick is one of the easiest ways to look pulled together," says celebrity makeup artist Troy
Finding the perfect red lipstick can be something of a lifelong challenge. Just thinking about the different formulas, shades, and textures is enough to make someone go crazy! Cue makeup artists whose literal job it is to find and test said lipsticks.
These staples separate the kiddos from the grownups.
She is the global brand ambassador for Montblanc, the face of Gucci Cosmetics and is regularly on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List, as is the case again this year. Her style is majestic, graceful (no pun intended), athletic and oh so very French.
3...fading: Lightly dust lips with loose powder before swiping on color. Matte formulas stay put better, but if you're going