red peppers

Thought Rice Krispies Treats couldn’t get any better? Wrong!
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I wrote a cookbook! Whoo-hoo! Yes, I went to graduate school in fiction writing and yes, I paid all sort of money to do so. And, yes, twelve years later, I ended up publishing a cookbook. Ok, let's call it a memoir with recipes. My mother calls it a 'tell-all.' Either way, I ate my way through it.
It's a mad, mad, mad mad world of Basque peppers featuring a virtual who's who of the pepper variety kingdom. Manuel Recio, of Viridian Farms, takes us on a guided tour of the many star-studded attractions peppered throughout his farm.
Why roast peppers? If you haven't had one, just try a home-roasted pepper and you'll understand how far superior it is to the stuff you buy in a jar at the grocery.
Roasted red peppers have become a pantry staple in many of our kitchens, gracing everything from hummus to bruschetta and
Yes, I'd lived with a refrigerator for 18 years before I arrived at my freshman dorm, but this fridge was different! It was...well, mini.
For the past year, Amanda Hesser, Merrill Stubbs and their team at have been running weekly recipe contests, whittling
If you took all of the ingredients in this soup, threw them into a pot and cooked them together, you'd end up with a pretty