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Here it is already again, Banned Book Week at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. Used to be it was merely colored leaves and jack-o-lantern decorations that heralded the arrival of the Autumn season.
"Specifically, the Chinese blended together 'Little Red Riding Hood,' 'The Wolf and the Kids' and local folktales to create
Adult fighters accompany Ahmed and seem to encourage his under-age bravado. Here's a TV cameraman engrossed in documenting
Limitless was the number one film of the weekend, benefiting from an easily-explained high-concept -- a pill that makes you the smartest man on Earth. This was a real test of Bradley Cooper's star power, and he delivered.
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Whilst humans don't have the ability to change the past, it doesn't mean we have to let the past define who we are as individuals. And it doesn't have to allow us to dismiss any potential mate, just because they are flawed.
Battle: Los Angeles topped the box office this weekend, grossing an estimated $36 million. If that number holds, it will be the twelfth-biggest March opening in history.
Red Riding Hood is not what I would call a 'good' movie, but it is an entertaining genre entry. It has an occasionally gripping narrative and a terrifically fun Gary Oldman performance that takes over much of the picture right when it needs an extra jolt.
Amanda Seyfried showed off her long legs at the premiere of 'Red Riding Hood,' the fairy tale reboot in which she plays the
Los Angeles
The stars came out for a night of light-hearted celebrations on Monday, March 7, with the premieres of Red Riding Hood and
Amanda Seyfried, star of the film reinvention of the Brothers Grimm classic, cozied up to on-again beau Ryan Phillippe at
"I couldn't get an interview even though my last movie made $400 million," she claims. "I was told it had to be directed
Off to grandmother's house she goes -- Amanda Seyfried is starring in a big screen version of the classic fairy tale, Little