red scare

President Donald Trump might face censure… but what does that mean?
Question 13 on the survey asks for a list of "all Department of Energy employees of contractors who have attended any Interagency
I saw the news on my phone and ran outside hollering. My dad lumbered up into the house and helped me navigate his TV to CNN. Initial reports and footage made at least one thing clear. "Lord have mercy, somebody did this because of hate," my dad said quietly.
It's scary that history is on the verge of repeating itself with a potential world leader like Donald Trump.
Despite the fact that much of Trumbo's work was plainly patriotic, his brief association with the American Communist Party prompted years of persecution. In the clip below, Cranston justifies how a person like Trumbo could simultaneously be both a communist and a patriot.
It is past time for family, friends, lawyers, legal associations and law schools to ask Alito and Scalia to halt and to answer the question "Have you no sense of decency, sirs?"
The Hollywood Christmas classic was once accused of hiding a subversive Communist message. A number of years ago, I was telling a longtime city dweller friend of mine yet another story about the small, upstate New York town in which I grew up.
The showdown over a loyalty oath that would deny any Communist affiliation had finally arrived. On one side: The SAG president, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, who faced ''the most dramatic evening in my life,'' he later recalled. On the other: Cecil B. DeMille, one of the founders of the movie industry.
In discussing the unique nature of terror with my students, I provide a blow-by-blow example as how horror movies reflect the sociology of the past fifty years.
Those who glorify the North Pond Hermit for his skin-deep connection to the Robin Hood myth ought to consider this before
Released at a time when America's faith in journalism was undergoing serious turmoil, George Clooney's drama Good Night, and Good Luck was a stirring reminder of the importance of the institution.
Of course Mitt Romney supports redistribution. Everyone supports redistribution to some extent. It's literally how the government collects and spends tax revenue.
The paper's cover sheet quoted the U.S. journalist Edward R. Murrow on Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose "Red Scare" hearings
Leonard Bernstein's legacy is more vital than ever in a time when the arts face a threat greater than a lack of public funding: a lack of public interest.
attn @mboyle1 more gold for you--new york public library contains plays and books by known communists--my name cant come
With roots in the labor movement, and an illustrated journal modeled after European Communist weeklies, the FBI took notice
While I recognize that there are legitimate concerns regarding the use of public funds for these charter schools... it seems that at the heart of this is an undercurrent of phobia about Islamic teaching in America.
While federal government involvement in disaster relief is now and always a critical function of the federal government, I can't help but to ask Chris Christie and the others: If you're seriously opposed to government interference in state matters, can we have it back, please?