Red Sea

Our choice to follow a predominately meat diet or a predominately plant diet is not without consequence.
Following the attack that killed 42 Somali refugees off the coast of Yemen, we report from Djibouti on the desperate choices
I left Damascus in the morning, sharing a taxi with an Iraqi dentist who lived in Texas, a teenage boy from Daraa, and an old woman whose hands were permanently dyed indigo from years of clothes making.
If you do not believe literally in each of these events, are you not a proper Christian? Where do you draw the line, say
Tom Kelly points out that the Djibouti Muslims are fiercely moderate, and proud of it. Djibouti is also a relatively expensive
Amidst the background of a violent conflict that is destroying Yemen, the UAE seeks to prove to the world that the wealthy emirates are capable of more than just spending billions of dollars to create a first-rate military with advanced weaponry.
In the Suez Canal's first fifty years, ten Red Sea species traveled to the Mediterranean. In its second fifty years, the number increased nearly ten-fold. Today, the number of Red Sea species in the Mediterranean is 447, the majority migrated in the last forty years as the Canal became wider, deeper, and less salty.
Jordan is a destination that is sometimes misunderstood. The land of lost cities and epic adventures like Lawrence of Arabia, it's a place that should be much more popular than it is.
The "Song of the Sea" takes us back each morning to the Jewish peoples' first awareness of God's greatness. It gently reminds us that God is ever-present, and that we all deserve a chance to be wowed and awed by life.
This past week 11 clinicians and medical students in the Red Sea country of Djibouti received training and began a 3-month pilot program to perform tests to detect Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), a degeneration of the lining of the eye, often associated with diabetes.