Red States

Top Republicans are battling school districts in their own states’ urban, heavily Democratic areas over mask mandates.
Fortunately for him, the gearhead that he is, he had been flying model planes as a hobby for quite some time. This soon morphed
A friend of mine just said, why don't you come up with an idea as to how we can create change instead of just saying where
It's hard to think clearly about how we in the progressive community can actively resist the potential disasters of a Trump presidency.
We now know the results of rampant greed among the politicians in those states that are cutting education budgets in their K-12 school systems. They would rather preserve the wealth of the wealthiest one percent than see any value in governments or governing of any kind.
Many Democrats in red states may feel that there is no reason to participate politically because it will make no difference in the results of the election. However, liberals have never done things simply to win.
Sadly, the obstinate behavior exhibited by the Bernie or Bust troops only proves it would prefer to contribute to extending the stagnation, fortified by their hubris, than do the work required to achieve meaningful change.
*Profits from pornography are used to help cancer research and the environment. To the mortification of most politicians
If I had a dollar for every time one of my Republican colleagues have said, "federal money is not free money," I think I would be able to single-handily help reduce the national debt
In 2016, activism is finally cool again. For the Millennial generation who are coming of age in this election cycle, taking to the streets in protest for something you believe strongly in, is somewhat becoming a right of passage.
Calling Florida is pretty easy, on both sides of the aisle. Hillary Clinton will dominate, continuing her sweep of the South. The big news here, however, is going to be Donald Trump beating Marco Rubio in his home state.
A Democratic candidate that loses a majority of historically Democratic states is unequivocally not more electable.
If you compare Trump's votes to Sanders, you get a different result. Sanders received more than 150,000 votes in the primary
There is a conversation to be had on the gun issue, not between NRA lobbyists and Senators and Congressmen, but from the ground up. The people who profit from gun sales, and the candidates using fear of "the government taking your guns" to sway votes can wait in the hallway.
Parents in high-performing states like New York and Massachusetts must insist that the federal government not abandon the education of poor and minority children in the old-new South and southwest bright red states.
On Friday, President Obama directed blue state governors to accept 10,000 refugees not from Syria, but from red states. But the leaders of these Northern states asked for increased screening measures to be implemented first.
Who turned my blue state red?
I intended to put into practice what I tell my students -- that the best way to learn is to talk with people who disagree you. I wanted to learn from red America, and hoped they'd also learn a bit from me (and perhaps also buy my book). But something odd happened. It turned out that many of the conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers I met agreed with much of what I had to say -- and I agreed with them.
Perhaps it's time to bust the myth that universal, or government-run, or 'socialized' medicine is somehow less desirable than the present U.S. system of private health insurance.