Red states and blue states

The Republican congresswoman from Georgia proposed prohibiting Democrats from voting for five years if they moved to a red state.
The former vice president is competitive in all the battleground states Trump won in 2016 as the president desperately seeks reelection.
The president has shrugged off the pandemic as a "blue state" problem. Now it's hitting Trump-supporting states hard.
"I mean, while we're at it, why don't we just not count the red states too? Then we have zero deaths."
The president said the U.S. coronavirus death rate would be better "if you take the blue states out."
The president continues to politicize the virus and misrepresent the facts.
"If they want revenue coming to their state coffers, they’ve gotta reopen their economy,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said.
New York and other blue states are already pitching in to prop up red states, not the other way around, points out an irritated Cuomo.
Thousands of cheering supporters greeted Trump in Dallas. But he shares the blame for the GOP's weakening hold on the country's largest red state.
New democratic majorities lead to a rush of bills — and conflict.