Now we continue our 'the films of 2012' lists with another favorite, the underrated! And as always, this list won't just be good films that were labeled as "bad," but also mediocre films that got unfairly pounded, or genuinely bad films that nonetheless deserved credit for one element or another.
At the conclusion of the screening of Red Tails, we came to our feet with thunderous applause. But we did not face the screen. We turned and faced the real Red Tails standing among us, a fitting tribute to the icons that shaped every American Airman serving today.
In a somewhat refreshing turn of events, this weekend had three wide releases, all budgeted below $45 million and all technically geared towards adults. And for the fourth straight weekend this month, an R-rated new release topped the box office.
"Red Tails" is a Lucasfilm production that's loosely based on the Tuskegee Airmen, a band of African-American pilots who fought in World War II. While watching the new film, it was hard not to notice that "Red Tails" is quite similar to another Lucasfilm production about a band of pilots who fought for the Rebel Alliance: "Star Wars." Just how similar is "Red Tails" to the original "Star Wars"?