Under cap-and-trade, emitters either buy or are given carbon credits for the right to emit greenhouse gasses. If their emissions
Based on a survey of impact investors, the report shows that at least $8.2 billion in private-sector money flowed into conservation
Our focus then shifted to the United States, where forests, farms, and fields, sponge up roughly 15% of the country's industrial
The indigenous communities of ACR were also present during this year's UN climate talks in Marrakesh, Morocco, working to
At the United Nations climate talks last week, we heard a loud and clear message from science: global warming is moving at
The recent US presidential elections have stunned the world, particularly those currently participating in the climate change
"In the context of the U.S., we see the most hope in Indigenous, Latin@, Asian and African American solutions--the people
Several NGOs, including Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends, have argued for the inclusion of offsets that reduce
But tree planting, good will and charitable intentions have not been enough to save Haiti.   Somehow, economic incentives
"If...the actual miners or the people who are growing the coca leaves (for cocaine production) were receiving the economic
Using REDD finance, the REDD+ Secretariat will recruit and deploy agronomical experts, who will educate and advise farmers
East Kalimantan is a microcosm for many of the world's development dilemmas, with its leaders grappling with the challenge of how to bring millions of people out of poverty without destroying the natural resources that local people and the local economy depend upon.
GW: As an instructive example on this can be found in the fourth assessment of the IPCC - the one that came out in 2007. It
The talks, which open today and run through May 26, are designed to begin the nitty-gritty task of designing a "Rule Book
Acre's SISA program demonstrates that jurisdictional approach goes above and beyond ecosystem services and generating carbon
After a decade of deliberation, the US state of California may soon let its companies meet part of their emission-reduction obligations by saving forests in places like the Mexican state of Chiapas. For it to work, the process must not only be socially and scientifically rigorous; it must also be well-communicated.
Houston is drowning and the Brazilian Amazon is baking while average global temperatures seem destined to rise at least 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next century. That's the threshold beyond which climate science gets foggy, and it's gonna be a challenging hundred years, to say the least, but there's reason to celebrate this Earth Day.
Lately, it seems, we've been plagued with disheartening stories and images about the state of nature and our earth--the climate
While in office, Lula created an arsenal of sticks and carrots to encourage states and municipalities to slow deforestation
The 29th annual South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) kicked off in Austin, Texas on Friday, and hundreds of thousands of concertgoers are flocking to the city. Most are coming by plane, bus, and automobile - emitting greenhouse gases in the process.