redefining success

Fast forward again to this year. I made the huge decision to leave the security of government service and start my own coaching
In short, revising a job ideal requires reality. We must know who we are -- not who we thought we'd be. And we must seek honest specificity in our job search so we can set goals with truth --not expectation -- as a yardstick.
Parents. At their very best, they are supportive and understanding of the choices you make in life. At their very worst (or as we think is the worst), they are unloving and adamant about a specific way to live life.
I believe the way we act in small, insignificant moments is directly related to how we act when the critical moments in life come jumping into our reality. How you do anything is truly how you do everything, is it not? If you are only waiting for the big moments in life to turn on more serious efforts in your business or personal life then you're only fooling yourself.
Ever notice how difficult it is to beat down a person who just won't quit? As much as I love the Hallmark Channel, I'm equally
How is the power of perception holding you back? What outdated ideas can you ditch?
At the end of the day, you can't ignore the impact of passion. Virtually everyone raises their hand when I ask seminar participants
Turning 30, it turns out, has taught me that self-discovery never ends, that today won't look the same as yesterday or tomorrow, and that in order to live your life the way you want you actually have to live your life the way you want.
For things to be interesting, in video games or in business, there has to be a balance of failure as a setback vs. failure
Would your entire experience of business change? Photo by: William Iven, Courtesy of One of those realizations