The show follows six formerly incarcerated black men and women who restart their lives.
The Jewish holiday cycle is not just a series of individual holy days and festivals. Holidays are linked to one another to
Jamal Joseph hopes the story will spark conversations about prison reform.
3. Redemption. The theme of redemption, perhaps the most well-studied in narrative psychology, exists when something bad
You may not agree with the method of protest, but can you be silent against what is being protested against, the ongoing
I could tell she was jumping up and down as she spoke. A middle aged sounding guy picked-up. Hi, um, you left my driver's
It is not the intense adrenaline rush that makes me feel sick, it's not anxiety forcing me on bended knee or the mood and tone changes of my man that draws tears. Instead it's calm, it's safe and it's the perfect fit.
Last weekend I had the opportunity to see the one-man autobiographical play, Fighting Shadows, written by Richard Cabral with Robert Egan, which tells the trajectory of one man's struggle with social disorganization, and navigates through the redemptive process of the power of love and the arts.
The funeral was about to begin when I glanced one last time outside and noticed dozens of bikers still on the sidewalk. I deduced that on an unusually mild and sunny spring day, it was more comfortable for them to stay there during the service. I was wrong.
Today I will be tolerable of me. Today I will allow myself to make mistakes. Today I am ok, I am good, and I am great! I