The first stop on HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour was St. Louis, Missouri. We learned how communities in "The Gateway to the West" have suffered and where change is needed.
There is an old player on the block with a new financing vehicle that is increasing the range of choices available to close that gap -- not only for American kids but for all who live, work, play and do business in those neighborhoods.
“This massive influx of Chinese investment will put thousands of Californians to work and dramatically improve Oakland’s
Industrial and former industrial cities, many on or near the Fresh Coast, have been pursuing extremely innovative strategies to deal with the impact of manufacturing job losses.
There's nothing new in the need for places to grow their appeal and maintain it. Throughout history, attractive locations have acted as a magnet for people, economic activity and cultural life, which all boosted their power and attractiveness.
Natalie Carter, director of operations for the tourism agency, said the area has "a tremendous amount of challenges." The
On his site, Siwak assured, "while zombies are great, the real neat thing about this project is the potential to inject some
WASHINGTON -- District of Columbia resident Pinar Arcan has been in the nation's capital long enough to remember Nancy Hanks
For too long, we have seen our manufacturing jobs shipped overseas with little investment to retrain workers. We have seen high local taxes stifle entrepreneurship. It's time that we -- the people of Detroit -- take charge of our city's future.
Why does L.A. need to subsidize offices downtown when Santa Monica has developers banging on the door?
"There were many elements before the judge and things that could have been stronger, absolutely," she said, specifically
The roundabout, or traffic circle, represents the strides of modernization that the British presence unfurled in Bahrain. A symbol of unrest might be gone, but Bahrain is far from being stable again.
Five Pointz is an outdoor exhibition space displaying the creations of hundreds of graffiti artists. The 200,000 square foot
Governor Jerry Brown has proposed the elimination of California's redevelopment agencies. But a better idea is to refocus
To cut one of the most effective publicly-funded programs that can dramatically improve a city's economic state, and pour in new jobs, just does not make sense.
If any country has learned from the last several decades what architecture can do, Bahrain, as most other Gulf countries, could tell the story of how just a few decades of development can transform a country's shape and its people.
For Beverly Hills residents Measure H will be on the November ballot. Neighbor is pitted against neighbor as they struggle with how to pull the lever on this high-stakes issue.