Or, all the women in famous paintings who have better hair than you.
Redheads looking for a state that is especially friendly to them could do worse than West Virginia. The Mountain State comes
Michelle Marshall captures the more unusual manifestations of the MC1R gene.
"I felt like I was dunked in chocolate pudding."
Obviously the series is also about freckles. What are your thoughts on why freckles are beautiful? Redheads with freckles
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we've matched up some crimson curled stars to test if you are sharp enough to guess who's
My wonder and excited anticipation of the unexpected have not diminished one iota since the days of waiting for my prom date to arrive, or for the impending birth of each of my children.
Considering all this, it's hard to get behind a day dedicated explicitly to sexualizing redheads, giving carte blanche -- including, of course, a hashtag -- to all those who'd like to kiss, or fantasize about kissing, the ginger of their wet dreams. Respect a Ginger Day 2016, anyone?