redistricting reform

Opinion by Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek That letter? The amendment it mentions, House Joint Resolution Constitutional
The ruling majority of justices in their decision singled out one problem with the proposed amendment that put it in violation
More than 560,000 Illinoisans signed a petition for a constitutional amendment to remove politicians from the process of
The ballot question asking voters if they want to create an independent commission to draw maps could be officially certified
Two years ago a lawsuit against a similar citizen ballot initiative called Yes for Independent Maps found that a provision
By a 105-7 vote, the House approved a constitutional amendment sponsored by Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, that proposes removing
The poll shows 71 percent of voters are in favor of the Illinois Supreme Court adding a neutral, tie-breaking vote to the
A more liberal court could decide to police how voting districts are drawn.
If you believe that legislative redistricting reform is the greatest and most needed political reform in Illinois government today, as I do, you also have to face the reality that communicating your belief to the voting public is a monumental challenge.
Maryland and Virginia's legislatures are just standing in their way of a fix.
It's something we voters almost got for ourselves this year. A massive citizen initiative called Yes for Independent Maps
Was there something fishy going on when the state board of elections raised questions about whether the redistricting reform campaign had enough valid signatures to get on the November ballot?
If you've been looking for something you can do to stem corruption in Illinois, boost fairness and return power to the people of Illinois, this is your chance. Sign on. Sign up. Grab some signatures of your family, friends and neighbors. Talk it up.
With Republicans in such profound disarray, can Democrats still screw up their opportunity for ongoing dominance?
The point in all of this is that the redistricting we got this last time around was shameful and appalling but not criminal. It should have been, however. We can do better, and now is the time when we can begin to do better.
This month has brought some more progress on the chronic California budget crisis, the beginning of some results for reform efforts, and, as the state Republican Party continues its devolution, telling early returns on the appeal of independents.
Editorial boards across New York have called upon Governor Cuomo to veto the gerrymandered districts likely to be adopted by the state legislature. But calls for a veto at this stage miss the real point of redistricting reform.
Most states put the power to draw district lines solely in the hands of the state legislature. If we can lift the veil of secrecy that enshrouds the redistricting process, we can kickstart a more meaningful dialogue.