I was satisfied with naming Snyder, but then I began to reflect. My response didn't have much gravitas and would sit there
Washington's NFL team continues to resist pressure to change its name to something less offensive.
Colonial military commander Lord Jeffery Amherst advocated smallpox warfare against Native Americans.
"Get off the stage, squaw!" Bella Cornell, a 14-year old girl from the Choctaw Nation, said she heard these words as she finished her testimony against the name and mascot of the McLoud High School Redskins during a mid-December school board meeting.
HuffPost spoke with a dozen Native youth about their schooling, Barack Obama and those sports mascots.
"I know Indians that are extremely proud of that name."
Bush says the name of Dan Snyder's team isn't offensive to him. But this isn't just about football.
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The Washington Redskins are marking 2015 as the year for change. This means that Kirk Cousins will hold the reigns to the offense while RGIII gets demoted.
We should not let the fear of a football team regaining trademark registration justify the suppression of rights for other groups.