Hill, who resigned last year, argues in the lawsuit that the Daily Mail and RedState don't have the right to “sexually degrade" public officials.
Bill Crews, an internal communications staffer at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, called Dr. Anthony Fauci a "mask nazi" in a blog post.
A public relations official at the National Institutes of Health has been leading a double life as a COVID-19 troll, The Daily Beast reports.
One conservative columnist says "police brutality toward African-Americans is a pervasive problem that has been going on for generations."
Politics aside, it's nice when others are being singled out by the phone companies...who are trying to hide the skeletons
The influential conservative writer will focus more on his radio career.
Talk about a circular right-wing firing squad: Donald Trump; the marginalia at Breitbart Snooze; RedState's Erick Erikson & Co.; Sarah Palin; and her eldest daughter (aka Palin-Lite), are all going after each other in the ultra-rightwing blogosphere, and it's tempting to just sit back and watch the fur fly.
The conservative figure reads hate mail from the reality TV star's supporters.
"All the substantive arguments are being muted by his persona."
The RedState editor-in-chief is fond of telling women to get in the kitchen and cook for him.
RedState, and Moe Lane, would do well to stop using a childish "mock & block" policy to censor debate on their site. Come join the adult conversation, fellas. You can do it.
Let's face it -- establishment Republicans' influence is waning. The grassroots come out for individuals whose values they share. It's difficult to inspire confidence when your nominee continues to skip candidate forums across the entire state of North Carolina.
“Cory Gardner was a tea party hero,” he writes. “In the last 48 hours, he’s become a weasel.” Gardner bailed on a Tea Party
On Monday, Capitol Hill shuttered for a five-week recess. That means lawmaker visits to local wind-power factories, stent
Perry infamously blanked at a Nov. 2011 Republican presidential debate, failing to remember the three organizations he promised