reduce food waste

But if the farmer would have a chance to sell his "ugly" surplus produce to a food company, which produces "rescued vegetable
Is this the right approach in the fight against food waste?
Because you're not saving money (or the planet) if you end up tossing half your purchases.
Is bigger always better? The people running most cafés, restaurants and supermarkets seem to think so, serving or selling larger portions of food. This trend and portion sizes keep growing in the United States and Europe.
Russock's pea problem, for example, was alleviated when students concocted pea soup, fritter and shepherd's pie recipes -- more
Throwing out food scraps and leftovers hardly seems controversial until you consider the stats: Some 870 million people, one-in-eight on Earth, go to bed hungry every night, notes the World Food Programme.
Food waste is a monumental problem. Here are some simple ways to fight it.
3) Don’t buy more of something just because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. But do check out the bulk foods section, where you